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On February 14, 2024
AR application development

Project Overview:

  • Project Name: AR Application Development
  • Objective: Build an engaging AR application with interactive 3D elements
  • Service Type: AR Application Development
  • Industry: Tourism, Marketing, Retail
  • Timeline: Estimated 12 weeks
  • Target Audience: Travelers, shoppers, event attendees


Project Plan:

Our expert team of AR application development and 3D artists built an immersive augmented reality application from start to finish. We conducted market analysis to identify opportunities for innovative AR apps that would provide an engaging user experience. After planning the app features and architecture, we created 3D models optimized for AR and developed the AR interactions. Our app uses things like recognizing objects, tracking motion, and hiding parts to smoothly mix virtual things with the real world. This makes interacting with it feel more natural for people. The completed AR app provides an interactive, cutting-edge experience on users’ mobile devices.

AR application development

Project Description:

Our team created an innovative solar panel web application with a unique augmented reality (AR) component that simplifies the user experience. This AR application development feature provides a visual picture of the full solar panel installation procedure, including positioning, wiring, groundwork, electric box, and junction box installations. Users can interactively tap and place objects to find the perfect location for solar panels. Beyond visualization, the AR programme does an in-depth installation check to detect any technical or wiring faults. In a successful 6-month initial with 500 users, more than 90% found the application simple to use, 75% credited it with assisting with solar system decisions, and 50% went on to install a designed system, highlighting its success in reducing barriers to solar use through customized suggestions on an accessible platform.


About EFFE Animation:

EFFE Animation is an award-winning digital agency focused on innovative solutions like AR application development, 3D visualization, VR experiences and UX/UI design. For over a decade, we have helped brands connect with customers through cutting-edge technologies and compelling storytelling. Our AR apps redefine what’s possible.


Our Process:


Conducting in-depth research on market opportunities, user needs, technology landscape and trends. Analyzing the competitive AR app landscape.


Brainstorming creative AR app features and user experiences through collaborative workshops. Focusing on creating intuitive, engaging AR interactions

Selecting AR Technology:

Choosing the optimal AR SDKs, engines and platforms based on project goals. Evaluating emerging AR capabilities for inclusion.

Choose Development Tools:

Selecting the right 3D tools and programming environments tailored to project needs. Building a customized, integrated toolchain.

App Design and User Interface:

Designing an intuitive, seamless UI/UX focused on usability and aesthetics. Iterating based on usability testing feedback.

3D Asset Creation:

Building optimized 3D models, environments, textures and materials for the AR experience. Ensuring assets meet performance targets.

3D Animation Creations:

Incorporating engaging animations and effects to enhance AR immersion. Seamlessly integrating animations with interactive experience.


Programming natural gesture and touch interactions for an intuitive control scheme. Prototyping and refining interaction mechanics.


Conducting extensive testing across devices to ensure quality AR performance. Identifying and resolving defects through QA.

Marketing and Launch:

Formulating a targeted launch strategy and promotional plan. Pitching to app stores and building launch buzz.


Our Team:

Our AR apps are created by an experienced team of developers, 3D artists, animators, designers and project managers working together. This diversity of expertise allows us to bring even complex AR visions to life contact us.



Interactive 3D Models:

Responsive virtual objects users can interact with for immersive AR.

Multiplayer Capabilities:

Shared AR experiences in real-time between multiple users.

Spatial Mapping:

Anchors virtual objects onto real-world surfaces detected through environmental understanding.

Hand Tracking:

Intuitive control of AR using only hand motions and gestures.

Object Recognition:

Triggers AR effects when specific images or objects are recognized by the camera.

AR Cloud Anchors:

Saves AR coordinate data in the cloud for object persistence across sessions.

Face Tracking:

Enables camera effects based on facial expressions, features and emotions.

Watch Our AR Application Development Solar Panel Customization Video

Measuring Success:

Key indicators that our AR application development has delivered a successful product include:

  • High user engagement and retention
  • Increased sales or signups where applicable
  • Strong app store ratings and reviews
  • Buzz within the AR industry
  • Achievement of client business goals
  • Positive client feedback
  • We also analyze usage metrics to find opportunities for future AR app optimizations.


Source File Assurance:

EFFE Animation securely stores all source files for this web application for five years. This allows us to easily provide clients with assets needed to make future edits, Improvements, and platform changes. Just contact our EFFE Animation team and we’ll assist with any needed changes.

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