Our Augmented Reality Tourism App service transforms the vacation experience.

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On February 14, 2024
augmented reality tourism

Project Overview:

  • Project name: Augmented Reality (AR) in Tourism with 3D Experience
  • Objective: Create fascinating 3D realistic visuals and interactions.
  • Service type: Augmented Reality Application
  • Industry: Tourism
  • Timeline: Estimated 15 weeks, depending on project scale and complexity.
  • Target: Tourists, video loggers, tour organizers, guides, hotel and hospitality staff.

Project plan: 

In the field of augmented reality tourism, our team worked hard to create interesting 3D graphics and activities which demonstrate the amazing features of Augmented Reality (AR) technology. We created Unique AR elements seamlessly integrated into mobile apps which were developed after several ideation and thorough research. Collaborative discussions with client have improved our project understanding and commitment to timely and correct delivery. This 3D experiential AR improved user interaction and helped us in application completion on priority for a successful client product launch.

Augmented Reality tourism:

Our Augmented Reality Tourism App transforms the vacation experience. From improved navigation to seamless information delivery, our concept demonstrates the possibilities of augmented reality in tourism. Witness the beauty of augmented reality tourism as it transforms the way people travel, providing a new level of involvement for both professionals and visitors. Augmented Reality is transforming how we discover new locations, making travel more engaging and fascinating.

augmented reality tourism

About EFFE: 

EFFE Animation is a creative design and technology firm that helps businesses and companies with services like AR, VR application, 3D animated video making, 3D modeling and innovative designs. Our team of experts serves the extended reality requirements for clients in both the technical topics and marketing concepts. Our services can help you plan and provide 3D user experience for high engagement and performance. Feel free to visit our partner site for additional resources and information.


Our Process: 

  • Research: Conducted thorough market research to find existing AR applications in the tourism
  • Conceptualization:  Create unique AR features that connect with client’s objectives through
    ideation and conceptualizing. Create an USP for your AR tourist app.
  • Selecting AR Technology: Based on application, choose marker-based, marker less, or
    location-based AR.
  • Choose Development Tools: Choose AR development tools and platforms based on the advance and reliable technology.
    (e.g., ARKit for iOS, ARCore, Vuforia for Android, Unity). To improve user experience, create a simple and user-friendly interface for the app.
  • App design and User Interface: Used wireframes and prototypes to visualize app flow and
    We also used geo-location to improve location-based AR.
  • 3D asset Creation: Created high-quality AR 3D models, photos, and movies. Made sure that the content increases user experience and gives tourist right information.
  • 3D Animations Creations: Captivated 3D animations that combine with AR. We created Animations to increase storytelling, making tourist journeys more engaging.
  • Interaction:  Considered integrating AR app with tourism services like booking systems, trip
    guides, and local information databases.
  • Testing: Perform thorough user testing to discover and resolve any problems or issues.
  • Marketing and Launch:  Created an AR app marketing strategy. Launched the app in
    relevant app stores to reach your target audience.


Our Team:

Our team included researchers, scriptwriters, storyboard artist, UI/UX developers, Full stack developers, AR developers, 3D designers, modelers, AR specialists, animators, VFX artists, lighting experts, editors, SME’s, Project Technical Guide and Creative Head.

augmented reality tourism



  • Engaging Experience: Provide an engaging user experience by creating a visually appealing AR environment that smoothly integrates virtual objects into the real world.
  • Interaction in Real Time: Dynamic and responsive AR interactions improve user engagement.
  • Friendly User Interface: Provide an intuitive interface that let people browse and interact with AR features.
  • Editable Content: Customizable content lets users customize AR interactions based on their interests.
  • Supports multiple languages: Voiceovers can make the AR software accessible to a global audience in many languages.


Measuring Success:

Retention, user experience, engagement, report analysis, user interface, 3D environment.

Success is measured in many ways, and our augmented reality tourism app creates uniqueness. Creating a lasting brand image is difficult. We constantly win for our clients. The project was completed on time. Client was happy with our Project Internal Team. Our Post Production Team helped bring forth the stunning visuals. To make comparable animated videos, contact our team. Explore further about the range of services we offer. 

Source-file assurance:

After project completion, Effe Animation prioritizes client collaboration. Source files remain safe for five years, allowing clients to edit and do future changes.

Watch our Augmented Reality Tourism Video: 

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