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On March 12, 2024
3D Product Design

Project Overview:

Our client, who is a premium quality and fine taste ice cream producer, set out to please even the most passionate frozen dessert aficionados from various standpoints in the dynamic digital marketing ecosphere. They wanted to be remembered as they aimed not just in selling more ice creams but also in getting the viewers to crave for a bite. The challenge was to come up with a 3D Product Design that seamlessly blended realism and artistic acumen, showing the ice cream in a way that would feel both realistic and mile-making.


Project Plan:

The project plan unveiled as a carefully formulated blueprint indicating the path that would turn an ordinary idea into an enticing actuality. 3D Product Design was the foundation of our strategy, which involved careful calculations to achieve maximum visual effect. The spotlight was on to ensure that the ice cream wasn’t just enticing but almost addictive. This was the goal – to rise a hero image of chocolate ice cream with nuts surrounded by tempting imperfections like melting drips and half-eaten bite. Contact us.


Communication and Goal:

Communication: External marketing communication

Target audience: Ice cream enthusiasts, dessert lovers, families, children’s

Design focus: Photorealistic 3D Product Design image of partially eaten chocolate ice cream with nuts

Industry: Ice cream shops and dessert brands, super markets

Medium: Social media ads, website banners, email campaigns, WhatsApp campaigns, Banners, out bound marketing

3D Product Design

Our process:

Conceptualization: In this stage, the overall appearance of photographs, view angles and lighting effects as well as personal preferences concerning this were provisioned. That was vital to synchronize vision-design with the client branding and audience’s expectations in 3D Product Design.

2D Sketching: 2D sketches and compositions were made as starter canvasses for the client critique. This phase provided the opportunity for collaborative enhancement, thereby ensuring that the client’s vision was accurately captured by design.

3D Modeling:
3D realm concentrated on intricate details of the ice cream and realistic shapes, forms. The goal was to design it such as the virtual ice cream would look deliciously real-to-life.

Hyper-realistic materials were used to create the rich chocolate textures and melting effects. This step installed an additional degree of authenticity to the ice cream, almost making it seem touchable.

Lighting: The lighting was designed to highlight the visual effect, so that the ice cream could stand out on screen and create a picture of an even creamier scoop.

3D masterpiece was completed with high resolution renders complete with depth of field effects.

Compositing: 3D rendering was used, and it blended perfectly with back plates to form one continuous visual narrative for website headers, social media posts and advertisements.


3D Product Design

3D Product Design

Measure of Success:

The outcome of this project is not determined too much by typical goals but also by the feeling it leaves in its audience. Social engagement, website clicks, conversions and positive feedback on visual can be some of the metrics that would be measured closely. The true art lies in the fact that this can be an impressive 3D Product Design masterpiece integrated across a variety of platforms, leaving lasting impressions on the audience. Visit our partner.


Source File Assurance:

We securely store all source files for 5 years allowing future edits and updates.

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