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On January 9, 2020

Safety Animation Videos:

This safety training videos explain about how a safety leader guides other workers for safety and enhances them for a clean and safe workplace environment. Also the rescue and escape methodology from the emergency evacuation and the role of the leader in those situations are explained well in the video. The overall safety measures and important topics of safety are showcased in the video. 14 topics covered for any industrial safety induction training program. The topics are Fire Prevention and firefighting safety, unauthorized operation, unauthorized movement, Emergency Actions – Evacuation, Eye washers, Report hazard and near miss, Welding Safety, Grinding Safety, Gas cutting Safety, Material Handling and storage, Work permit, Chemical safety, Machine guarding Safety, Work at Height Safety. Explore further about the range of services we offer

Communication: Internal Communication

Target Audience: Safety in charge, Factory or Plant head, Employee

Type of Animation: Industrial Safety Training Videos

Industry: Automotive Industry

Medium of Distribution: Internal communication

Project duration: 48 – 52 days

Source File Protection: Up to 5 Years from Order date your files are safe with us, you can access your video files any time for future update or Retrieve at any damage of video files.

1.Requirement for Industrial Safety Animation Videos:

We required appointment to clarify your needs and to understand about the exact video requirement. During the visit to your place we will take photographs in various angles for clear understanding of the factory environment to produce a real life output. Also we require few more reference images or samples from your side.

We did this animated video to bring attention among the employees and how to behave inside the industry. The main cause is to bring awareness among the employees to ensure safety with the help of safety leader.

Safety animation video production Requirements

2.Requirement for Safety Animation Videos

WHAT IS THE VIDEO CONTENT (story/ concept/ idea/ reference videos)?

Ans: We made a good and communicable script to cover all safety topics.

WHO IS THE VIDEO AUDIENCE (Age, gender, location, language, designation, industry)?

Ans: Safety in charge, Factory or Plant head, Employee

WHERE IS VIDEO IS BEING PLAYED (Website, YouTube, Social Media, TV, Theatre)?

Ans: Internal Communication.

WHAT IS THE RESULT EXPECTED AFTER WATCHING THE VIDEO (Sales/ buying, Marketing/ awareness, Branding or Reputation)?

Ans: Safety Awareness Training Program

3.Production Stages (Safety Animation Videos)

a. Concept and Scripting of Safety Training Videos

Concept was to show how safety leader explains the safety rules & instruction to employees. Also we addressed the 14 important topics of safety. The actual environment and facilities where used in concept to explain the real life emergency situation. In scripting we divide the entire video concept into two. One is the visual part and other is audio.


Concept of safety animation video production and scripting

b. Storyboard of Safety Animation Videos

We sometime draw hand sketches, 2D vector illustration or even a presentation deck to get client approval on how the video look like. In this stage client can share things to add or delete as per target audience.

c. Modeling & Texture of Safety Workplace

We developed 3D factory walk through, 3D Models, car, 3D human character, emergency equipment’s and 3d PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)


Modelling stage of safety animation video production

Texturing apply in safety animation video production

d. 3D Animation of Character & Rigging

As per the script the 3D animation scenes are produced, Example: The safety leader listens to the queries of the employees and he communicates to the manager to resolve their problems.

Rigging: It’s an animation technique to perform the human motion or activity like lifting, moving etc. which you can see in this video.

Animation process in safety animation video production

e. Lighting & composite of Safety Animation Videos

The visual reality is achieved in animated video as similar to the live scenario, we match all the colors, add day lights, factory environment lights to enhance the visuals of animation video. This helps photo- realism environment to your animated video. Compositing is aligning the video as per the video script.

Lighting of Safety animation video production and compositing stage

f. Preview of Safety Training Animation Video 

We produce preview 3D animated videos and share with clients for approval. In this stage client can visualize the animated video content and communication. Though this is not the final video or the actual visual, in this video you can find some grey scales and non-detailed visuals. If you want to check the content of your animation video this is the stage you can add or delete to modify the video before going for 3D rendering.


Preview of safety animation video production

g. Rendering of Safety Animation Videos

It’s a machine process to get the creativity output as .png or .jpg as a sequence of images at 24 to 36 fps. Rendering usually takes 4 hours to produce 10sec video output. If any correction, you have to wait until it is re- rendered. Also depends on the video assets and video quality output. If any corrections, you have to wait until it is re- rendered. To avoid such delays we pre-plan the production and do the iteration at every stage. Feel free to visit our partner site for additional resources and information.


Rendering process safety animation video

h. Editing & Final HD Safety Training Animation Videos

Editing is all about adding the rendered images into video format and aligning as per video script. A visual effect like computer graphics, text animation, video title, and subtitle is added at this stage. Audio effects like voice over, back ground music and SFX detailing are given at this stage.


Editing of video and Final HD Safety Animation Videos




Project name: 14 Important Topics for Safety Induction and Training Videos – Safety Animation Video Company

Project duration: 48 – 52days

Project cost: Get quote

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