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On March 12, 2024
3D Modeling Solutions

EFFE Animation’s 3D Modeling Solutions


Project Overview:

Communication:  External marketing communication.

Target audience: Animators, cartoon viewers, Educators and Teachers, Children’s Content Platforms and Online Children’s Book Buyers.

Animation type: 3D environmental design.

Industry:  Animation, visual effects.

Medium of distribution: Used YouTube, Email, Website, and Social Chat for promotion.


Project description:

Our 3D modeling solutions have created lively towns with animated characters and visual elements that contribute to an engaging story. From the fun interactions of characters to the colorful city atmosphere, our 3d modeling solutions project smoothly merges creativity and technology, transforming the environment into a central storytelling element in an engaging virtual world.

3D Modeling Solutions

Project Plan:

The project plan encompassed conceptualizing the cityscape and employing 3D modeling solutions. We intricately modeled the environment, incorporated textures, lighting, and executed final rendering. Regular client reviews ensured alignment with the envisioned visual style. The entire project, spanning 21 days, showcased our commitment to delivering top-notch 3D modeling solutions.

3D Modeling Solutions

Our 3D Modeling Process:


Our concept artists created colorful sketches exploring visual styles for the cartoon city, focusing on vibrant building designs and fun street details.

 2D sketching 

The creative process continues with basic 2D sketches. This process incorporates customer and project team feedback to create the visual foundation.

 3D Modeling

After 2D sketch approval, 3D modeling begins. The character’s proportions, characteristics, and unique qualities are carefully considered as skilled artists create a three-dimensional model from the 2D representation.


We added cartoon-style textures to the city. The textures gave the buildings lively colors and graphical designs. Textures helped differentiate architectural details.


Dynamic lighting brought the city to life. We played with directional sunlight, street lights, emissive windows, and other lighting to create depth in the atmosphere.


The final renders produced images of the immersive 3D cartoon city environment. Different camera angles rendered various street views.


The rendered cityscape elements were composited together into an establishing shot video sequence. Additional animation brought further life to the city.


Measure of Success:

The success can be measured by increased audience engagement, positive customer feedback on the 3D model’s visual appeal, increased online visibility and conversion rates, positive brand perception shifts, conformity to the 30-day project timeline, and smooth application of the model across websites, animated commercials, social media, and various platforms. Increased interaction with 3D Human model-based e-learning resources will also reflect industry alignment.


Source File Assurance: 

We prioritize client collaboration by ensuring source file safety for five years after completion of the project. This lets clients change and correct as needed. Visit us at…

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