Aviation industry uses COVID-19 Virtual Reality Training for safety.

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On February 14, 2024
Virtual Reality Training

Project overview:

Objective: Develop an engaging Virtual Reality Training program to educate aviation employees on COVID-19 safety protocols.

Project Type: VR Integration

Industry: Aviation

Timeline: Estimated 10 weeks

Target Audience: Airline employees, airport staff, flight attendants, pilots


Project Plan:

Our client, a major airline, wanted to develop an immersive Virtual Reality Training experience to their employees on COVID-19 safety procedures and protocols. Using VR allows for realistic training scenarios that are safe and cost-effective. Our objectives were to create personalized training content that is engaging and informative. We conducted research into aviation industry needs, then mapped out training modules and VR development. Smooth collaboration with the client ensured we created training that met their specific goals.

Virtual Reality Training

Project Description:

Take a virtual walkthrough of an airport and airplane cabin while learning critical COVID-19 protocols. Our Virtual Reality Training program allows aviation employees to experience simulated environments and interact with equipment. Learn proper cleaning techniques, passenger screening, mask enforcement and social distancing in action. VR provides effective, scalable training that sticks.


Virtual Reality Training of COVID Training Video


About EFFE Technology:

EFFE Technology creates custom VR/AR solutions for aviation, manufacturing, healthcare and more. Our immersive simulations improve training and safety. With EFFE Tech’s VR expertise, clients can train employees at scale. Our end-to-end services include research, 3D modeling, animation, UI/UX design, programming and testing.


Our Process:

  • Research: Analyzed COVID-19 impacts on the airline industry to identify training needs.
  • Planning: Worked closely with client to determine training objectives and outline VR modules.
  • 3D Modeling: Created realistic 3D airport and airplane environments for the VR experience.
  • Interaction Design: Developed VR interactions that provide engagement and reinforce learning.
  • Animation: Produced 3D animations to demonstrate COVID protocols like cleaning, distancing, screening.
  • Development: Programmed immersive Virtual Reality Training using game engines and VR platforms.
  • Testing: Conducted rigorous testing to fix bugs and optimize training program.
  • Implementation: Successfully deployed Virtual Reality Training app across client’s organization.


Our Team:

Our project team includes VR designers, 3D modelers, Unity developers, animators, quality assurance testers and project managers.


Our Features:

  • Realistic 3D simulated environments
  • Interactive equipment and objects
  • Custom aviation scenarios
  • Voiceover instructions and feedback
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Detailed analytics and assessments
  • Support for Oculus, Vive and more


Measure Success:

Successful completion of our various projects can be seen in how well they fit with users’ thought processes. Our VR experiences are precisely crafted to tap into users’ muscle memory while simulating real-world circumstances from a variety of industries. This ensures that professionals can respond instantly and efficiently to any circumstances as if they were physically present. The immersive nature of our training programmes develops preparedness, which greatly improves overall performance and competency, demonstrating the efficacy of our approach in various domains.


Source File Assurance:

After project completion, EFFE Technology keeps source files for 5 years so clients can edit or expand on the VR program as needed.

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