Our specialized VR Services for application will take you on a virtual tour through medical courses.

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On February 14, 2024
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Project Overview:

Title: VR Training for Medical Care.

Objective: Develop engaging VR software as part of our comprehensive VR services for medical personnel.

Project Type: VR Integration.

Industry: Medical

Timeline: 15 weeks, depending on the project size and complexity.

Target audience: The target audience includes healthcare professionals, medical practitioners, nurses, and medical trainees.


Project Description:

Our specialized VR Services for application will take you on a virtual tour through medical courses. Experience realistic scenarios, such as comforting a crying newborn and learning how to properly place and manage an oxygen mask. This VR experience changes medical training by improving experts’ skills and responses in crucial scenarios. Witness firsthand how virtual reality apps are altering medical education and improving healthcare professions’ interactions with patients and medical equipment.

vr apps development

Project plan:

To improve healthcare professionals’ emergency, our VR services will recreate medical scenarios like comforting a crying newborn and using an oxygen mask properly to improve healthcare training. The stages of a project include planning, design, development, testing, deployment, training, and continual improvement. The ultimate goal is to change medical training by delivering an interactive and effective learning tool that improves staff, patient, and equipment interactions.


About EFFE:

EFFE Animation is a creative design studio that specializes in AR, VR, 3D video production, modelling, and novel ideas. Our skilled team meets animation needs in both technical and marketing domains, offering services that help develop and implement a 3D user experience for flexibility and efficiency in medical training.


Our Process:

Research: Conducted thorough market research to find VR applications and training methods for medical care.

Understanding: Created VR teaching pieces to meet medical training objectives, resulting in a unique VR training solution.

VR Technology Selection: VR technology was carefully selected based on simulation accuracy, interactivity, and compatibility with medical equipment, such as Oculus, HTC Vive, and other industry-specific VR solutions.

Choosing Software Development Kits: Choose a VR development kit with proper integration, such as Oculus integration and the XR Interaction Toolkit for Unity, to align with production methodologies.

User Interface and App Design: Created user-friendly interfaces with industry-specific navigation by using wireframes and prototypes to visualize the VR training software workflow and functionality.

Modelling: Created high-quality 3D models and simulations of medical processes, equipment, and safety procedures to facilitate training.

3D Animation Creation: Created captivating 3D animations to improve knowledge of complex medical processes and ensure active participation of learners.

Interaction: Investigated interactive features in the VR training programme that simulated medical scenarios, procedures, and safety regulations.

Testing: The VR application was thoroughly tested to discover and resolve difficulties, assuring dependable and effective medical teaching.

Marketing and launch: Created a targeted marketing strategy to promote the medical VR training program, and successfully launched the application on important platforms to maximize its influence on the healthcare business.

vr apps development

Our team:

Our committed team includes researchers, scriptwriters, AR developers, 3D designers, modelers, AR specialists, animators, VFX artists, lighting experts, and editors.


Our Features:

Interactive Training Environment: Create an immersive VR environment that smoothly mixes virtual elements with medical scenarios.

Real-time Interaction: Increase user engagement with dynamic and responsive VR training interactions.

Create a user-friendly interface for learners to help them explore and interact with the medical VR training program.

Editable Training Content: Customize VR interactions to match learning objectives and industry requirements.

Multi-Language Support: Increase accessibility by supporting various languages for voiceovers and instructional content.


Watch Our Medical Training VR Service Video


Measure of success:

Our VR applications create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression on brands. Our post-production team produces outstanding visuals, projects are completed successfully, and clients are satisfied with our internal staff. Contact us for interactive virtual reality solutions designed specifically for medical teaching contact us.


Sources file assurance:

EFFE Animation prioritizes client communication and secures source files for five years. Clients can make adjustments and fixes as needed.

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