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On August 22, 2023
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EFFE ANIMATION, a prominent video production company, specialises in translating ideas into captivating visual storytelling. Our devoted team of professionals uses 3D animation and cutting-edge technology to create fascinating videos that captivate people and leave an impression. In this case study, we highlight our work with MAG India Industrial Automation Systems Pvt. Ltd., demonstrating how our corporate video production services assisted them in efficiently achieving their communication goals.  


Overview Of The Client: MAG India Industrial Automation Systems Pvt. Ltd.

MAG India Industrial Automation Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known name in the industrial automation industry, known for its cutting-edge technology and commitment to safety. MAG India offers a comprehensive range of automation solutions adapted to varied industry needs, with a dedication to improving industrial efficiency and maintaining worker well-being. Their goal was to create a corporate video that not only displayed their technological capabilities but also emphasised the significance of following safety precautions when visiting their industrial facility.


The Video Production Methodology Of Effe Animation:

Recognising the potential of video production company in engaging audiences, MAG India collaborated with EFFE Animation to develop a visually appealing corporate video. Our video production company team began the project by meeting with MAG India in-depth, learning about their corporate identity, and establishing the important points they wanted to emphasise in the video.

Making the Story: The video production experts at EFFE Animation methodically constructed a story that blended technical information with visually attractive graphics. The storyboard emphasised MAG India’s high-quality goods and innovative automation solutions while ensuring that safety precautions were smoothly weaved into the plot.

Excellence in 3D Animation: Using our skills in 3D animation, our video production company brought MAG India’s cutting-edge technology to life with unrivalled precision and attention to detail. Each product and automation solution was expertly reproduced, demonstrating the company’s dedication to providing exceptional service.

Emphasising Safety Measures: Safety was emphasised throughout the corporate video. To demonstrate best practises and safety protocols within MAG India’s industrial facilities, EFFE Animation strategically used 3D animations. This not only demonstrated their commitment to ensuring workplace well-being, but it also increased the video’s impact on the viewers.

Effortless Collaboration: EFFE Animation maintained a smooth workflow with MAG India throughout the project. The video was well aligned with the client’s vision, brand guidelines, and special requirements thanks to regular communication and feedback.


Bringing Life To The Animation:

The skilled 3d video production company gave the 3D models fluid and seamless movements to bring the animation to life. These movements demonstrated the cables’ one-of-a-kind characteristics in action. By utilising cutting-edge animation techniques and effects that are aesthetically pleasing, we were able to create an engaging visual narrative that demonstrated why Orbit’s cables are the superior option available on the market.  


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Impact And Results Of Video Production Company:

The partnership between EFFE Animation, a well-known video production company, and MAG India Industrial Automation Systems Pvt. Ltd. produced a stunning corporate video production company  that effectively communicated the company’s essence and principles. The visually appealing animation highlighted MAG India’s high-quality products and industry-leading automation solutions, establishing them as a leading firm in the industrial automation field. Furthermore, the video’s emphasis on safety procedures demonstrated MAG India’s dedication to the safety of their staff and guests.



EFFE Animation is a reputable video production company that uses appealing visual storytelling to bring ideas to life. Our successful work with MAG India Industrial Automation Systems Pvt. Ltd. demonstrates our dedication to providing high-quality corporate video production services. We continue to empower businesses with intelligent visuals that captivate people and create a lasting impression as a specialist video production agency. Whether you require a corporate video or any other type of video production, EFFE Animation is your go-to partner for bringing your ideas to life with exceptional creativity and competence. Explore further about the range of services we offer. 


video production company


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